Luke Aylen author of The Mirror and the MountainLuke lives in Bristol but spends much of his time in the weird and wonderful corners of his imagination. He studies and writes at Trinity College Bristol and from his DIY camper van, usually with a cup of tea on hand.  Despite failing every spelling test he’s ever taken, he loves building magical worlds with words and telling stories that excite, delight or change people. Before publishing his books, Luke’s background was in creative direction, media and primary schools resources. He is a multi-award-winning film-maker and has a background in performing arts.

In 2018 Luke released his debut novel, The Mirror and the Mountainwhich introduced readers to the magical kingdom of Presadia and it’s many troubles through the eyes of two children, Summer and Jonah, who accidentally stumble through from our own world. The Forgotten Palace and The Last Dragon Rider continue the series.