Luke Aylen author of The Mirror and the MountainLuke lives by the seaside in Eastbourne where he loves to read books, run along the beach and make videos. Despite failing every spelling test he’s ever taken, he loves building magical worlds with words and telling stories that excite, delight or change people.

The Mirror and the Mountain is Luke Aylen’s debut novel, but Luke has been telling stories for years. Alongside his writing, he is a multi-award-winning film-maker passionate about creativity, imagination and storytelling in all its forms. He has a background in performing arts and a degree in theology.

Luke is a part of the leadership team for Spring Harvest, where he is responsible for creativity at the event and overseeing the hugely popular all-age extravaganza Big Start. He also heads up a sister resource called Big Start Assemblies which offers collective worship resources for key stage one and two.