The Last Dragon Rider

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The Last Dragon Rider by Luke Aylen (Cover Art)

Street-smart Anavah lives a tough life on the crime-ridden streets of northern Presadia. But when a mysterious tinker gives her a curious set of crystal goggles, she discovers a powerful magic that will change her life forever. Drawn into an adventure that stretches across time and space, she learns about the legendary dragon riders and is caught up in events that will transform Presadia’s history. The question is: what part will Anavah play? Her life to date has taught her to trust no one, but that instinct may have devastating consequences…

Enter Presadia one more time to experience a third dazzling adventure. Meet friends old and new, and learn of the trust, betrayal, fear, bravery, greed, and sacrifice of individuals that lead to a struggle for Presadia’s very existence.

Third book in the An Adventure in Presadia Series.

About the Book

The Last Dragon Rider is the third in the Presadia series. Like the other books, this fantasy adventure is ideal for older children, but written for the whole family. Entering the magical kingdom of Presadia is a chance to not only enjoy an exciting and dramatic story, but to explore even deeper themes that run through the book. The story runs semi-concurrently with The Mirror and the Mountain and The Forgotten Palace

Book Information

Release Date: October 23rd 2020

Publisher: Lion Hudson

Print ISBN: 178264315X

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