The Presadia Series

This series tells the dramatic stories of the magical kingdom of Presadia’s struggles when its king is betrayed and usurped, throwing the land into chaos and confusion. The books weave together, with various parts happening concurrently, allowing readers to experience in depth the momentous events of this amazing place.

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The Mirror and the Mountain by Luke Aylen
The Last Dragon Rider by Luke Aylen (Cover Art)
The Mirror and the Mountain
(Book 1)

The Mirror and the Mountain, is the first book in the series and follows two children, Jonah and Summer, who stumble through to Presadia from our own world and become inadvertently caught up in a quest to find the long-lost king. They meet many colourful and interesting residents of the kingdom and journey across its breath on a journey that might cost them more than they ever imagined.

The Forgotten Palace
(Book 2)

The Forgotten Palace, is the second book and picks up the story of Antimony, the ‘tall dwarf’. Antimony has an interesting and complex past. He finds himself thrust into leadership over the various races of Presadia as they try to rebuild the ancient king’s ruined palace. Can he fight off the dangerous Usurper who hides in Presadia’s ancient forest?

The Last Dragon Rider
(Book 3)

The Last Dragon Rider finishes the series. Anavah, a feisty street urchin receives a remarkable magical gift that allows her to go back into Presadia’s past. Summoned to become a part of Presadia’s legendary Order of Dragons, she witnesses first hand the dramatic events around the King’s exile, she is drawn in the drama, playing her own vital role which teaches her about loyalty, trust, and courage.

Map of Presadia